Get flexible with no-code robotics

RiACT lets you code at a higher level removing the complexity of robots. Automate undesirable human tasks to increase human productivity.


Make your production flexible

With RiACT it will take you minutes - not months - to switch tasks and change your production setup. Make your business resistant to change with fast-to-configure robots.

Productive and adaptive

Increase ROI and uptime

RiACT allows for multiple types of programs to be uploaded on the same robot throughout the year increasing uptime of your production.


Enable all your workers to interact with robots.

It’s simple and safe to configure your robots with RiACT - even for people with little experience. Simply drag & drop ready-made templates and press play.


Can be configured
with any robot.

Gain a competetive advantage by using the robot that is best suited for your production. From one interface you have access to the world of robotics.


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