modular robot control software

RiACT develops robotic automation software for agile production systems.

We give you the ability to build, configure and share powerful robot programs in SME manufacturing.

A complete solution

Transform your robots into intelligent and flexible production resources


all your sensors, grippers and other devices to your robots, no matter the brand


your robots with a simple user interface by simply choosing robotic skills for new tasks


different robots and systems to fully integrate them into your production lines

Main features

Simple setup, configuration and operation of industrial robots and cobots in dynamic production environments

Rapid deployment

Minimize the setup time and robot programming when a new product is introduced

Reusable code​

Efficiently reuse components in new and creative ways, while robot program generation is automatically performed by RiFLEX​

Adaptive to environment​

Robots can sense the fixtureless environment and perform tasks on parts that are not in predefined locations​

Reactive to failure​

Use sensors and reactive behavior for failure identification and recovery routines without impacting the code complexity​

Skill-based robot control architecture

Robotic skills are hardware abstracted task descriptions such as pick, move or place. In the RiFLEX software, skills can be connected and used as building blocks to create robot programs.

Our users can build complex, flexible behavior by connecting skills in behavior trees – like playing with Lego bricks. Our behavior tree execution system allows robots to react, multitask and adapt to changing environments and thereby transforms static robots into reliable, dynamic production resources.

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